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School of Computing and Information Technologies

Linkages and Collaborations

The school has established a number of collaborations as summarized below. The collaborations and partnerships are at various levels and the details will be updated continuously as time goes

Name of Company / Organization Further details/aims/achievements in the collaboration

Huawei K Limited

  • Established a Huawei Networking Academy at TU-K
  • Trained over 100 students who are able to get HCNA certifications after passing online Huawei Examinations


  • TUK- is an Oracle Academy, benefiting from Oracle resources for training especially in programming

Aeternity / Point50Capital

  • Held public lectures on Blockchain technologies
  • Developing a Curriculum and establishment of a branded training lab at TU-K


  • Collaborating in the assembly and configuring of low power sensors that monitor Air quality
  • Partners in the deployment of Air quality sensors in Nairobi
  • Holding Tech meetups to train on Data journalism involving data gleaning, visualization, and analytics

University of Augsburg

  • SCIT is contributing 50% of the content for the innovative masters' curriculum on Interactive Media with the School of Creative Arts and Technology